Mend Pak was founded to enable optimal post-operative healing, while making doctors and patients lives a bit easier.

Here is how we do it:

We work with the doctors’ team to bundle items that patients should use during the healing process.

Doctor use our online tool to design customized healing kits (items along with treatment instructions).  We package the specified medical grade supplies and brand-name items into “Paks”. Afterwards, we either: 1) ship them to the doctor as needed, or 2) make them available on the doctor’s personal webpage.  We create and manage this page for the doctor – free of charge.

Sample Doctor Page
Start the healing process

If a doctor chooses to make their Paks available to their patients on our site, we’ve made it so their patients can easily locate their doctor’s page and Paks.  Once the patient choose their Pak, we ship it directly to the patient.  Mend Paks are offered at competitive pricing, along with free shipping.

Doctors no longer need to manage inventory and make care packages in-house.  Patients no longer need to scour local stores or the internet for the recommended items.  Mend Pak is here.

Who We Are, How We Got Here:

It all started with a friendly conversation between a surgeon's office manager and a person who's spent years in manufacturing and managing inventory.  

The office manager described the time required and challenges involved with enabling the healing process, and building take-home kits for patients.  On top of all the things that the doctor and their team must do day in, day out - the tasks required to produce kits (purchasing and tracking inventory, kitting the materials, printing instructions) takes a significant amount of time and effort.  It's not surprising that many doctors don't even bother.  They provide a list of items and instructions, and hope that the patient will procure these things and adhere to their guidance.

In this case, the manager (who is also a R.N.),  and the doctor strongly believed that the effort is worth it.  They believe that patient's best possible outcome is not only defined by what happens during the operation, but also in the days, weeks, and months following the procedure during the healing process.

The result of the conversation is that there must be a better way, and so Mend Pak was born.

Mend Pak is a family-run business.  John (the inventory guy) and Dr. Erin Buenger are the founders of the company.  Our team consists of professionals with decades of experience in the health care industry, including Maureen (Erin's mother - the office manager & R.N. in the story) and others.  We may be a start-up, but our passion and drive to improve patient outcomes will exceed all expectations.