Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept health insurance, HSA, or FSA from patients?

Not at this time. We are working to expand our options in this area, and hope to add these during 2018.

How does the doctor micro-site and royalty system work?

Once you’ve decided to create a branded sub-page, and added Paks to your list, they will become visible to us.

At that point, we will reach out to you about setting up your micro-site (branding, layout, etc) and any collecting any other information needed. Along with this, we will share the authorization and contractual agreement which must be e-signed.

In terms of payment to participating doctors, we offer 20% of all the revenue from your sub-page, paid on a quarterly basis.  Pricing for all Paks on your micro-site is driven by the Pak creator tool.  We do not negotiate on these prices, however you do have the option to forgo your payment, in which case we will decrease the pricing for your patients by this amount (20%).

A typical example is below:

If a doctor offers one Pak priced at $200, and patients purchase 10 during a quarter (Jan-Mar), Mend Pak would send you a payment of $400 in the month following the quarter (Apr). In this case:

10 units x $200 sale price = $2,000 total revenue * 20% royalty = $400 to the doctor

Additionaly, we offer the option to report on which of your patients purchased your Paks (if they agree and choose to disclose the information), at minimum we will report how many Paks were sold after each month.  We offer audit rights once per year, where you may review pertinent records to feel totally confident in our business relationship.  If any errors were made, and more than a 5% difference is found, we will immediately fund the difference.

Must doctors accept payment?

No, you have the option to defer any payment, but you still must agree to grant approval for use of your name/intellectual property (treatment instructions).

If you are not interested in taking payment, we offer two other alternatives:

  1. You may pass along your portion to your patients.  We will decrease the cost of all Paks sold on your page by 20%.
  2. You may include a gift to your patients (for example a robe, or blanket), free of charge, so long as the total Pak value is over $150.  We will include a note on your behalf, and you have the option to customize the comments.
What are “wholesale rates” for doctors?

The discount is primarily driven on volume, but at a minimum, doctors will receive 10% off all orders (minimum 2 Paks). Volume thresholds that may increase your discount include:
– Ordering more than 2 Paks during a single checkout will increase discount to 10%
– Ordering more than 10 Paks during a single checkout will increase discount to 20%
– Ordering more than 20 Paks during a single checkout will increase discount to 30%


What forms of payment do you accept

All major credit cards are accepted.

If this is not possible, please contact us to discuss other options.