Partnering with Doctors

We work alongside Doctors to improve surgical outcomes, by making it easier to provide patients with everything they need during post-operation recovery.

Our online Pak creator tool is designed to be flexible, yet simple.  The customization options are numerous, but not required.  Best of all – there is no cost to the doctor when we partner to sell Mend Paks via a personalized webpage.

Mend Pak reports all patient orders each month (if authorized), and offer doctors one of several options in return for their partnership, including: 1) Quarterly payments (20% of total revenue) for all Paks sold through their site, 2) include a cost-free gift in each Pak (such as a robe or blanket, valued from $40-$100) along with a personalized note to your patient, or 3) Pass savings onto your patients (~20% cost reduction on all of your Paks).

Alternatively, we also sell Paks directly to doctors at wholesale, deep discounted rates.  See our Doctor FAQ for more details on the pricing structure.

Here's how the process works:

1. Design & Create

We give doctors an intuitive online platform to build take-home recovery “Paks” – allowing them to choose exactly what items will improve surgical outcomes for a given procedure.

We offer a wide variety of medical-grade products, across multiple areas (dressings, digestive support, scar care, etc.), as well as comfort items and gifts.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, let us know!  We’re happy to expand our catalog.

Create paks to improve surgical outcomes

Pak creation tool example

2. Customize & Brand

Doctors then have several ways to further customize their Paks, including:

  • – Naming the Paks (for their personal sub-page)
  • – Insert treatment instructions
  • – Apply personal branding (logos)

All of this can be done by adding attachments, directly entering text, or separately via email – though nothing is required.

An image of other customization options

Pak Customization Options

3. Share with Patients

Once a doctor is comfortable their Paks, they have two options:

  1. Partner with us to sell them to patients via a personally branded micro-site (see a sample), and earn payment or benefits from each order (see the doctor FAQ for details)
  2. Purchase them at a wholesale pricing, ranging from 15% – 30% below our retail pricing

Note: Full retail pricing is shown in the Pak creators.

Sample Doctor Page

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