Improving Recovery, One Pak at a Time

Mend Pak provides doctors with an intuitive platform to design and customize post-surgery recovery "Paks."

Our online tool lets doctors choose exactly what items and treatment instructions go into each Pak, to enable optimal healing outcomes for a given procedure. Once designed, doctors may purchase Paks wholesale, or partner with us (at no cost) to make them accessible to patients on our site via a personally-branded webpage.

Patients are encouraged to find their doctor's page, and choose a Pak that was created for their procedure. If your doctor does not yet participate, you can shop our Standard Mend Paks.

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What is Mend Pak?

We work with a doctors' team to identify and bundle items that patients should use during the healing process.  Doctor can use our online tool to design customized surgery healing kits (items along with treatment instructions).  We package the specified medical grade supplies and brand-name items into "Paks".

Afterwards, we make them available to patents on the doctor's personal webpage.  We create and manage this page for the doctor - free of charge.

Alternatively, we also ship Paks directly to the doctor at wholesale rates

You can learn more about our background and origin story here.